Shader effect


Shader effect of camera.

  • Author: Richard Davey


Register post-fx pipeline

  • Register post-fx pipeline in game config
    import PostFxClass from 'path';
    var config = {
        // ...
        pipeline: [PostFxClass]
        // ...
    var game = new Phaser.Game(config);

Some post-fx pipelines:

  • Glow-filter: Glow post processing filter.
  • Gray-scale: Gray scale post processing filter.
  • Hsl-adjust: Adjust color in HSL domain, post processing filter.
  • Inverse: Inverse color post processing filter.
  • Outline: Outline post processing filter.
  • Pixelation: Pixelation post processing filter.
  • Toonify: Draw outlines and quantize color in HSV domain, post processing filter.
  • Swirl: Swirl post processing filter.

Add post-fx pipeline

  • PostFxClass : Class of post-fx pipeline.

Remove post-fx pipeline

  • Remove a kind of post-fx pipeline
  • Remove all post-fx pipelines
    camera.postPipelines = [];
    camera.hasPostPipeline = false;

Get post-fx pipeline

var pipelineInstance = camera.getPostPipeline(PostFxClass);
  • pipelineInstance :
    • A pipeline instance
    • An array of pipeline instances