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Gamepad's state of buttons, or axis.

  • Author: Richard Davey


Get gamepad

  • Get all currently connected Gamepads.
    var gamepads = scene.input.gamepad.getAll();
  • Get gamepad by index
    var gamepad = scene.input.gamepad.getPad(0);
    // var gamepad = scene.input.gamepad.getPad(index);
  • Get gamepad when button-down.
    scene.input.gamepad.once('down', function (gamepad, button, value) {
    • gamepad : A reference to the Gamepad on which the button was released. See Properties of gamepad
    • button : A reference to the Button which was released.
    • value : The value of the button at the time it was released. Between 0 and 1. Some Gamepads have pressure-sensitive buttons.


  • Button down
    scene.input.gamepad.on('down', function (gamepad, button, value) {
    gamepad.on('down', function(buttonIndex, value, button) {
  • Button up
    scene.input.gamepad.on('up', function (gamepad, button, value) {
    gamepad.on('up', function(buttonIndex, value, button) {
  • Gamepad connected
    scene.input.gamepad.on('connected', function (gamepad, event) {
  • Gamepad disconnected
    scene.input.gamepad.on('disconnected', function (gamepad, event) {



  • Cursor buttons
    var isLeftDown = gamepad.left;
    var isRightftDown = gamepad.right;
    var isUpDown = gamepad.up;
    var isDownDown = gamepad.down;
  • Right buttons cluster
    var isADown = gamepad.A;  // Dual Shock controller: X button
    var isYDown = gamepad.Y;  // Dual Shock controller: Triangle button
    var isXDown = gamepad.X;  // Dual Shock controller: Square button.
    var isBDown = gamepad.B;  // Dual Shock controller: Circle button
  • Shoulder buttons
    var isL1Down = gamepad.L1; // XBox controller: LB button
    var isL2Down = gamepad.L2; // XBox controller: LT button
    var isR1Down = gamepad.R1; // XBox controller: RB button
    var isR2Down = gamepad.R2; // XBox controller: RT button

Axis sticks

  • Left sticks, right sticks
    var leftStick = gamepad.leftStick;
    var rightStick = gamepad.rightStick;
    • leftStick, rightStick : Read only vector2.
      • Angle : leftStick.angle()
      • Length : leftStick.length()
      • x, y : leftStick.x , leftStick.y


  • gamepad.index : An integer that is unique for each Gamepad currently connected to the system. This can be used to distinguish multiple controllers. Note that disconnecting a device and then connecting a new device may reuse the previous index.
  • : A string containing some information about the controller.
  • gamepad.buttons : An array of Gamepad Button objects, corresponding to the different buttons available on the Gamepad.
  • gamepad.axes : An array of Gamepad Axis objects, corresponding to the different axes available on the Gamepad, if any.