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Plugin list

List of my plugins

Version of phaser3

Please upgrade your phaser3 to version >= 3.55.2.

  1. Achievements: Achievements in a csv table.
  2. Anchor: Set size and position based on visible window.
  3. Arcade-TCRP/Player: Run commands on step of Arcade.
  4. Arcade-TCRP/Recorder: Store commands with step of Arcade.
  5. AwaitLoader: Await custom task in preload stage.
  6. Away time: Get time from previous closing application to now.
  7. BBCodeText: Drawing text with BBCode protocol.
  8. Board: Core object of Board system.
  9. Board/Field of view: Visible testing, to find field of view.
  10. Board/Hexagon map: Create tile positions in hexagon/triangle/parallelogram geometry in hexagon grid.
  11. Board/Match: Get matched chess.
  12. Board/Mini board: Chess Container, to rotate/mirror/drag chess together.
  13. Board/Monopoly: Move through path tiles.
  14. Board/Move To: Move chess towards target position with a steady speed.
  15. Board/Path finder: Find moveable area or moving path.
  16. Board/Shape: Grid (polygon) shape object.
  17. Bracket parser: A lite-weight bracket parser.
  18. Buff data: Data manager with buffs.
  19. Build arcade object: Create arcade body, and inject arcade object methods.
  20. Bullet: Move game object toward current angle of game object, with a constant speed.
  21. Button: Fires 'click' event when touch releasd after pressed.
  22. Canvas: Drawing on canvas.
  23. Canvas/Circular progress: Circular progress bar on canvas.
  24. Canvas/Round rectangle: Round rectangle on canvas.
  25. Canvas image data: Get image data from texture, or text object.
  26. Circle mask image: Load a texture, then apply a circle mask.
  27. Clock: A clock to count elapsed time.
  28. Color/TintRGB: Attach tintR, tintG, tintB, and tintGray properties to a game object.
  29. Conditions table: Check conditions to find passed tests listed in a csv table.
  30. ContainerLite: Control the position and angle of children game objects.
  31. Containerlite-perspective: Snapshot children of containerlite, to a perspective render texture.
  32. CSV-scenario: Run script in csv format.
  33. CSV-to-hash-table: Hash table indexed by (col-key, row-key) from csv string.
  34. Cursor at bound: Map position pf cursor to cursor key state.
  35. Curve/Spiral: Spiral curve.
  36. Drag: Drag game object.
  37. Drag-rotate: Get dragging angle around a specific point.
  38. Dynamic text: Control position, angle of each character drawn on a canvas.
  39. Ease-move: Ease-move game object.
  40. Eight direction: Move game object by cursor keys, with a constant speed.
  41. Event promise: Return a promise of an event.
  42. Expression parser: Parse expression string into function.
  43. Fade-out-destroy: Fade out game object then destroy it.
  44. Fade-volume: Fade-in/fade-out volume of sound.
  45. File chooser: Create a transparent file chooser button.
  46. Firebase/broadcast: Broadcast real-time messages, using firebase-database.
  47. Firebase/files: Save JSON data, using firebase-firestore.
  48. Firebase/ID-alias: Map an unique ID to another unique ID, using firebase-firestore.
  49. Firebase/Item-table: 1d/2d/3d table, using firebase-database.
  50. Firebase/leaderboard: Descending sort scores, using firebase-firestore.
  51. Firebase/messages: Store messages in firebase-firestore.
  52. Firebase/online-user-list: Online user list, using firebase-database.
  53. Firebase/single-room: Chat room, using firebase-database.
  54. Flash: Flashing (set invisible then visible) game object.
  55. Flip: Flipping game object to another face by scaling width/height.
  56. FSM: Finite state machine.
  57. Fuzzy: A wrap of fuzzy logic.
  58. Gashapon: Pick random item from box.
  59. Geom/Hexagon: Hexagon geometry object.
  60. Geom/Rhombus: Rhombus shape and methods.
  61. Gesture/Pan: Get pan events of a game object.
  62. Gesture/Pinch: Get scale factor from 2 dragging touch pointers.
  63. Gesture/Press: Get press events of a game object.
  64. Gesture/Rotate: Get spin angle from 2 dragging touch pointers.
  65. Gesture/Swipe: Get swipe events of a game object.
  66. Gesture/Tap: Get tap/multi-taps events of a game object.
  67. Grid align: Align objects on quadrilateral or hexagon grid.
  68. Grid table: Viewer of grid table, to manipulate game object of each visible cell.
  69. Image URI loader: Load image by uri in preload stage.
  70. Input text: Input DOM element.
  71. Interception: Predict the intersection position of two game objects with constant moving speed.
  72. Life time: Destroy game object when time-out.
  73. Line: Draw a line with start/end/body textures.
  74. LocalForage/files: Save JSON data, using localforage.
  75. LocalStorage/data: Sync data from data manager to local-storage.
  76. LZ-string: Compress string using LZ-based compression algorithm.
  77. Modal promise: Modal behavior wrapped into promise.
  78. Mouse-wheel to up/down: Map mouse-wheeling to (up/down) cursor key state.
  79. Mouse-wheel scroller: Emit scroll event when mouse-wheeling.
  80. Move to: Move game object towards target position with a steady speed.
  81. Nine patch: Stretchable image.
  82. Particles-along-bounds: Emit particles along bounds of game object.
  83. Particles/Bitmap-zone: Particles' emitter zone from canvas bitmap of text/canvas game object.
  84. Path follower: Set position of game object on a path.
  85. Perlin: Perlin2/Perlin3 noise and simplex2/simplex3 noise.
  86. Perspective/Card: A container with two perspective-images.
  87. Perspective/Carousel: A container with cards.
  88. Perspective/Image: Image with perspective rotation.
  89. Perspective/ImageCarousel: Display list of images.
  90. Perspective/Render texture: Render texture with perspective rotation.
  91. Perspective/Sprite: Play animation on perspective-image..
  92. Pop up: Scale up game object.
  93. Quad/Image: Image with 4 or 9 vertex control points.
  94. Quad/Render texture: Render texture with 4 or 9 vertex control points.
  95. Quest: Question manager.
  96. Raycaster: Raycaster between obstacles.
  97. Random place: Place objects randomly inside an area without overlapping.
  98. Restorable data: Restorable data manager.
  99. RotateTo: Rotate game object towards target position with a steady speed.
  100. Run-commands: Run commands in array.
  101. Scale-down-destroy: Scale down game object then destroy it.
  102. Scale outer: Scroll and zoom camera to make default game window fit the display area, in RESIZE scale mode.
  103. Script-tag loader: Load script tag in preload stage.
  104. Scroller: Drag content. Slow down when dragging released, pull back when out of bounds.
  105. Sequence: Run sequence commands in array.
  106. Shader/barrel: Barrel post processing filter.
  107. Shader/color-replace: Replace color post processing filter.
  108. Shader/cross-stitching: Cross-stitching post processing filter.
  109. Shader/dissolve: Dissolve transition post processing filter.
  110. Shader/drop-shadow: Drop-shadow post processing filter.
  111. Shader/fish-eye: Fish-eye post processing filter.
  112. Shader/glow-filter: Glow post processing filter.
  113. Shader/glow-filter: Glow post processing filter, ported from pixi.
  114. Shader/gray-scale: Gray scale post processing filter.
  115. Shader/hsl-adjust: Adjust color in HSL domain, post processing filter.
  116. Shader/inverse: Inverse color post processing filter.
  117. Shader/kawaseblur: Kawase-blur post processing filter.
  118. Shader/outline: Outline post processing filter, ported from pixi.
  119. Shader/pixelation: Pixelation post processing filter.
  120. Shader/shockwave: Shockwave post processing filter.
  121. Shader/split: Split image into 4 parts.
  122. Shader/swirl: Swirl post processing filter.
  123. Shader/toonify: Draw outlines and quantize color in HSV domain, post processing filter.
  124. Shake-position: Shake position of game object.
  125. Shape/Circular progress: Circular progress bar shape.
  126. Shape/Cover: Rectangle shape covered full window, and block all touch events.
  127. Shape/Custom progress: Custom progress bar shape.
  128. Shape/Custom shapes: Custom shapes on shape.
  129. Shape/Full window rectangle: Rectangle shape covered full window.
  130. Shape/Round-Rectangle: Round rectangle shape.
  131. Shape/Spinner: Loading animations on shape.
  132. Shatter/Image: Shatter image to triangle faces.
  133. Shatter/Render texture: Shatter render texture to triangle faces.
  134. Ship: Move game object as a space ship by cursor keys.
  135. Slider: Drag thumb on a slider bar.
  136. TagText: Displays text with multi-color, font face, or font size with tags.
  137. TCRP/Player: Run commands on time.
  138. TCRP/Recorder: Store commands with time.
  139. Text/edit: Create an input text object above a text object to edit string content.
  140. Text/typing: Typing text on text object.
  141. Text/page: Display text page by page on text object.
  142. Text player: Typing characters on dynamic text, waiting click or key enter, play sound effect or backgroun music.
  143. Touch event stop: Stop touch events propagation.
  144. Transition image: Transit texture to another one.
  145. UI/badge label: A container with badges above a main item.
  146. UI/buttons: A container with a group of buttons.
  147. UI/chart: Draw chart on canvas.
  148. UI/dialog: A container with a title, content, buttons and backgrounds.
  149. UI/fixwidthbuttons: A container with a group of fix-width buttons.
  150. UI/fixwidthsizer: Layout children game objects into lines.
  151. UI/grid buttons: A container with a group of buttons in grids.
  152. UI/grid sizer: Layout children game objects in grids.
  153. UI/gird table: A container with a grid table, slider, and scroller.
  154. UI/Knob: A knob button based on circular progress.
  155. UI/label: A game object container with an icon, text, and background.
  156. UI/menu: A container with buttons and sub-menu.
  157. UI/number bar: A container with an icon, slider, text, and background.
  158. UI/overlap sizer: Layout children game objects overlapped.
  159. UI/pages: A container with pages, only current page is visible.
  160. UI/scroll-able panel: A container with a panel, slider, and scroller.
  161. UI/sizer: Layout children game objects.
  162. UI/slider: A container with a track, indicator, thumb and background.
  163. UI/tabs: A container with 4 groups of buttons around a center panel.
  164. UI/text area: A container with a text, slider, and scroller.
  165. UI/text box: A container with an icon, (typing and paging) text, and background.
  166. UI/toast: Show text message for a short while.
  167. Unique item list: List of unique items. Support array and set methods.
  168. Virtual joystick: Simulate curosr keys according touch events.
  169. Wait events: Wait fired events or callbacks.
  170. Webfont-loader: Load web font by google webfont loader in preload stage.
  171. XOR: Encrypt or decrypt string by XOR algorithm.
  172. Youtube player: Play youtube video on iframe.