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Character cache


Generate bitmapfont from text game object, or bbcode text game object.

  • Author: Rex
  • Member of scene

Live demos


Sample code

Install plugin

Load minify file

  • Load plugin (minify file) in preload stage
    scene.load.plugin('rexcharactercacheplugin', '', true);
  • Add character-cache object
    var characterCache = scene.plugins.get('rexcharactercacheplugin').add(config);

Import plugin

  • Install rex plugins from npm
    npm i phaser3-rex-plugins
  • Install plugin in configuration of game
    import CharacterCachePlugin from 'phaser3-rex-plugins/plugins/charactercache-plugin.js';
    var config = {
        // ...
        plugins: {
            global: [{
                key: 'rexCharacterCache',
                plugin: CharacterCachePlugin,
                start: true
            // ...
        // ...
    var game = new Phaser.Game(config);
  • Add character-cache object
    var characterCache = scene.plugins.get('rexCharacterCache').add(config);

Import class

  • Install rex plugins from npm
    npm i phaser3-rex-plugins
  • Import class
    import CharacterCache from 'phaser3-rex-plugins/plugins/charactercache.js';
  • Add character-cache object
    var characterCache = new CharacterCache(game, config);
    var characterCache = new CharacterCache(scene, config);

Create instance

var characterCache = scene.plugins.get('rexCharacterCache').add({
    key: '',  
    cellWidth: 32,
    cellHeight: 32,
    maxCharacterCount: 4096,
    freqMode: true,

    style: textStyle,
    // textObject: textGameOject,

    content: '',
  • key : Texture key in texture manager
  • cellWidth, cellHeight : Maximum frame size.
  • maxCharacterCount : Maximun character count.
    • Width of texture = Math.ceil(Math.sqrt(maxCharacterCount)) * cellWidth
    • Height of texture = Math.ceil(Math.sqrt(maxCharacterCount)) * cellHeight
  • freqMode :
    • true : Swap out un-unsed and low-frequence character.
    • false : Swap out any un-unsed character.
  • style : Style of Text game object. Create a text game object by this style setting on systemScene if textObject parameter is not given.
  • textObject : Text game object, or bbcode text game object for drawing character.
  • content : Load these characters into cache.

Create BitmapText

Create BitmapText/Dynamci BitmapText game object using this character cache, add this game object into scene's display list

  • BitmapText
    var txt = characterCache.addBitmapText(scene);    
    // var txt = characterCache.addBitmapText(scene, x, y, text, size, align);
  • Dynamci BitmapText
    var txt = characterCache.addDynamicBitmapText(scene);    
    // var txt = characterCache.addDynamicBitmapText(scene, x, y, text, size, align);

Load characters

Load characters into bitmap font, replace unused characters if no free character space.

// characterCache.load(content, lock);
  • content : Characters in a string.
  • lock
    • true : Lock these characters, won't be replaced out later.
    • false : Don't lock these characters, can be replaced out later. Default behavior.


Console.warn messages if no unused character is found.


  • Add a character
    characterCache.on('add', function(character, textObject) {
        // Can change style of textObject here
  • Swap out a character
    characterCache.on('remove', function(character, textObject) {

Override bitmaptext

Inject characterCache.load(text) into bitmapText.setText(text) method.

// var bitmapText = characterCache.overrideBitmapText(bitmapText);

Now setText method has lock parameter : bitmapText.setText(text, lock).

Or user can override bitmapText.setText by extending Phaser.GameObjects.BitmapText class.

Unlock all characters


Get all cache data

var cacheData = characterCache.getAllData();
  • cacheData : Array of cache data
        character: string,
        freq: number,
        alive: boolean,
        lock: boolean,

Destroy instance



  • characterCache.key : Font key.
  • characterCache.cellWidth, characterCache.cellHeight : Cell size.
  • characterCache.inCacheCount : Amount of characters in cache.