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Number array


Create an array representing the range of numbers, built-in method of phaser.

  • Author: Richard Davey


Create number array

Create an array representing the range of numbers (usually integers), between, and inclusive of, the given start and end arguments.

var arr = Phaser.Utils.Array.NumberArray(start, end);

For example,

var arr = Phaser.Utils.Array.NumberArray(2, 4);
// arr = [2, 3, 4]

Create number array with step

Create an array of numbers (positive and/or negative) progressing from start up to but not including end by advancing by step.

var arr = Phaser.Utils.Array.NumberArray(start, end, step);

For example,

var arr = Phaser.Utils.Array.NumberArrayStep(0, 20, 5);
// arr =  [0, 5, 10, 15]

Create prefix-number-suffix string array

var arr = Phaser.Utils.Array.NumberArray(start, end, prefix, suffix);

For example,

var arr = Phaser.Utils.Array.NumberArray(5, 7, 'HD-', '.png');
// arr = ['HD-5.png', 'HD-6.png', 'HD-7.png']