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Display text page by page on text object, bbcode text object, or tag text object.

  • Author: Rex
  • Behavior of text object

Live demos


Sample code

Install plugin

Load minify file

  • Load plugin (minify file) in preload stage
    scene.load.plugin('rextextpageplugin', '', true);
  • Add page behavior
    var page = scene.plugins.get('rextextpageplugin').add(textGameObject, config);

Import plugin

  • Install rex plugins from npm
    npm i phaser3-rex-plugins
  • Install plugin in configuration of game
    import TextPagePlugin from 'phaser3-rex-plugins/plugins/textpage-plugin.js';
    var config = {
        // ...
        plugins: {
            global: [{
                key: 'rexTextPage',
                plugin: TextPagePlugin,
                start: true
            // ...
        // ...
    var game = new Phaser.Game(config);
  • Add page behavior
    var page = scene.plugins.get('rexTextPage').add(textGameObject, config);

Import class

  • Install rex plugins from npm
    npm i phaser3-rex-plugins
  • Import class
    import TextPage from 'phaser3-rex-plugins/plugins/textpage.js';
  • Add page behavior
    var page = new TextPage(textGameObject, config);

Create instance

var page = scene.plugins.get('rexTextPage').add(textGameObject, {
    // text: '',              // content in string or array
    // maxLines: undefined,
    // pageBreak: '\f\n',

Set content

  • Set content
    • content : String, number, or string array. Can insert pageBreak symbol.
  • Append content
    • content : String, number, or string array. Can insert pageBreak symbol.
  • Clear content
  • Append page
    page.appendPage(content);   // content in string or array
    • content : String, number, or string array. Don't insert pageBreak symbol.

Show page

  • Display current page
  • Display next page
  • Display previous page
  • Display first page
  • Display last page
  • Display page by index
  • Display page by line index


Initial page index is -1, so user could call page.showNextPage() to display first page.

Get lines of page

Page by page

  • Get lines of current page
    var lines = page.getPage();
  • Get lines of next page
    var lines = page.getNextPage();
  • Get lines of previous page
    var lines = page.getPreviousPage();
  • Get lines of first page
    var lines = page.getFirstPage();
  • Get lines of last page
    var lines = page.getLastPage();
  • Get lines of page by page index
    var lines = page.getPage(index);

Page of line

  • Get line of page by line index
    var lines = page.getPageByLineIndex(index);
  • Get page of next line
    var lines = page.getPageOfNextLine(index);
  • Get page of previous line
    var lines = page.getPageOfPreviousLine(index);

Other properties

Page by page

  • Is last page
    var isLastPage = page.isLastPage;
  • Is first page
    var isFirstPage = page.isFirstPage;
  • Current page index
    var pageIndex = page.pageIndex;
  • Number of pages
    var pageIndex = page.pageCount;

Page of line

  • Is last line
    var isLastLine = page.isLastLine;
  • Is first line
    var isFirstLine = page.isFirstLine;
  • Start line index
    var startLineIndex = page.startLineIndex;
  • End line index
    var endLineIndex = page.endLineIndex;
  • Number of lines
    var totalLinesCount = page.totalLinesCount;